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Baldon Wind Farm

Wind Resource

Wind resource measurements started on site in 2021 are recorded by
  • 3 Met Masts
  • 3 Sodar
  • 1 Lidar
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Baldon Wind Farm

Wind Resource

Measurements on site from 2021 – 2023 show strong wind resource sufficient for commercial wind farm generation.
Baldon Wind Farm

Turbine details


High efficiency

Best torque transfer, efficient permanent magnet motor, ensure electric energy conversion, continue to provide excellent power output.

High reliability and stability

Unit components are reduced to avoid system errors, and equipment utilization is greater than 99%.

Low cost

Continuous optimization of maintenance links, the overall cost effectively reduced by 20%.


Zero grid impact, high and low voltage crossing ability is outstanding, and power flexibility is fully realized.

High power generating efficiency

Permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) turbine generators avoid rotor winding losses and mechanical energy losses associated with gearboxes and couplings. The full power converter provides the flexibility to optimise rotational speed for maximum mechanical energy transformation.

Compliance with demanding grid requirementsy

Full power conversion means superior electrical grid characteristics..

Baldon Wind Farm

Turbine details

Baldon Wind Farm

Turbine suitability

  • Analysis conducted by Goldwind’s Wind & Site Team – included wake and curtailment losses:
  • +/- 180 x GW175/7.8MW turbines are suitable for this site
  • Predominate nighttime wind compliments grid constraints during the day due to solar
Baldon Wind Farm

Transmission Infrastructure

Existing Transmission Infrastructure

  • Darlington Point to Balranald X5 220kV Transmission Lines pass through site;
  • Proposed connection is directly into this Transmission Line within the project boundary;
  • Potential of 300MW of capacity on the 220kV Lines;
  • Daytime Solar Farm production could cause curtailment;
  • Discussion with TransGrid indicate they might support a nocturnal project into the X5.

Project EnergyConnect

  • ElectraNet (South Australia TNSP) and TransGrid (New South Wales TNSP) are partnering

    to deliver an interconnector between New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria;

  • Consists of a new 330kV above ground transmission lines, with 800MW of new capacity;

  • The proposed route passes directly through project boundary of Moulamein Wind Farm;

  • Route is under Planning review, and current Construction completion is planned for 2023.

Towards the Future

Clean energy for 750,000 homes
  • With the Baldon Wind Farm, Omni Energy is powering Australia’s Energy Transition by providing clean energy sufficient to power approx. 750,000 NSW homes;

  • Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions by providing cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace clean energy alternatives.

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