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what we offer

A wide range of renewable energy solutions

Omni Energy is an Australian company dedicated to the development of renewable energy such as wind farms, solar farms, battery storage systems, and green data centers. We are also devoted to revolutionizing the way energy is produced and consumed to meet local needs. 

Wind Energy Solutions

Utilising wind turbines toconvert Australia's wind into clean, renewable power.

Solar Power Systems

Harnessing the sun's energy togenerate electricity for homes, businesses, and utilities.

Energy Storage Solutions

Storing excess renewableenergy for use during peak demand times.

Green Data Center

Powered by generated energy from the wind/solar farm.


Nick Ning


Dr. Chris Li


Senior Management Team

Molly Feng

Head of Department

Jamie Burke

Project Delivery - Senior Manager

Roy Zhang

Financial Controller

Ethan Yang

Foreign Investments & Liaisons – Senior Manager

Giles Lim

Development Manager

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